DIAGNOSTYKA Vol. 17, No. 1 (2016)
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In this article is analyzed the possible mechanism of cavitation bubbles erosive impact on the working surfaces of equipment. The volume and the size of vapor-gas phase generated in hydrodynamic type mode was theoretically determined and experimentally verified. Here are presented the results of studies of cavitation-erosion resistance of food steel, in particular, that the process of destruction has cyclical pattern.

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The following article describes the issue of a Data Center environment testing with use of a generic model of a cloud-based telecommunication service. The Authors present a process of creation and selection of unique system properties, in order to design the generic model of a cloud-based telecommunication service. Layered structure of the presented model depicts complexity of resulting testing procedures. Definition of a genuine polynomial state equation of a cloud service, as well as a generic architecture of the cloud service testing environment are therein discussed.

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The paper is concerned with the methods for statistical data uniformity testing and identifying unknown parameters of a general probability model of a complex technical system operation process and their practical application. The general model of a complex technical system operation process is constructed. The procedure of statistical data sets uniformity testing is proposed and applied to the empirical realizations of the system operation processes sojourn times at the operation states coming from the realizations of a maritime ferry operation process collected during spring and winter into separate two sets of data. After that, the identification of the maritime ferry technical system operation process is performed and moreover the identified process is applied to its operation characteristics prediction.

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The article presents the problem of dynamically changing fuel quality during the control of combustion process. The way of the measurement process variables related with this process was described. In the next part of the article schematics, ideas and genetic algorithm were presented by the author. They are also presented conditions in which the above anomaly detection algorithm perform in the regulation of combustion. The results of these solution were presented in the final section.

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The purpose of this paper is to present one of the ways to resolve the difficulties encountered during the use of the classical process control. The article presents the problem of a dynamically changing quality of fuel delivered to the water- grate boiler type WR-25, in which the combustion process takes place. The method of the measurement process variables related to this process was described. In the next part of the article, the author presents the basic concepts related to the natural immune system, and also introduces the scheme, ideas and a negative selection algorithm. Also, the conditions were presented in which the proposed algorithm performs a detection of anomalies in the regulation burned. The solution of the problem and the results of the proposed solution where presented in the final section of the article.

Marcin AMAROWICZ, Krzysztof PSIUK, Tomasz ROGALA, Sebastian RZYDZIK
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The paper presents the issues related to shell expert systems which are presented from different perspectives among others end-users, knowledge engineers engaged in the acquisition of knowledge and its edition and system administrators.  The main characteristic of described shell expert systems is the ability to integrate knowledge from many different sources and an explicit form of representation of acquisited knowledge which allow to permanent maintenance and management of knowledge stored in the knowledge base.

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The article presents research methods of rolling bearing vibration level measurement and evaluation of vibration measurement capability of Anderon meter STPPD developed at the Kielce University of Technology. In order to assess the measuring ability of Anderon meter STPPD comparative studies were performed. In these studies the noise tester MVH900 SKF - a standard instrument for measuring vibration, was adopted as a professional device. Analysis of the test results allow to reliably assess that both devices have comparable measurement capabilities.

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This paper describes the method of model-free fault detection and isolation. The main purpose of the research is to present one possibility of the development of diagnostic schemes for which the component structure and behavioural parameters are tuned automatically in order to obtain the maximal efficiency of the fault detection and isolation system. The proposed approach can be viewed as the intersection of elementary methods (classic and soft computing) such as discrete wavelet analysis, machine learning (using decision trees or artificial neural networks), and evolutionary algorithms. The fundamental verification of the method was conducted for data made available within the benchmark problem involving a wind turbine. The achieved results confirm the effectiveness of the proposed approach while also showing its limitations.

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The paper presents results of impulse response spectral analysis that has been obtained using a method based on cross-correlation. The impulse response spectrum is achieved by correlating the impulse response and reference single-harmonic signals and using Hilbert transform to obtain an envelope of cross-correlation. Then, surface area under the envelope is calculating and its plot in frequency domain is making. The spectrum obtained this way has its advantage over the fast Fourier transform (FFT) that its spectral resolution does not depend on length of impulse response. At the same time, the spectral resolution can be much greater than spectral resolution resultant from FFT. Obtained results show that presented method gives possibilities to determine frequencies of impulse response components more accurate in comparison to FFT particularly for short-time impulse responses.

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Abstract (EN)
The paper presents a brief summary of the research and implementation works carried out by the authors in three research projects in years 2005-2011 within one of the companies managing water supply system. Exploitation and diagnostic specificity of the operation of water supply systems was discussed. Opportunities and needs of supporting the exploitation and diagnosis of the water supply system, and the capabilities and needs of a computer-aided maintenance in this task area are discussed. Based on our recognition and analysis, two computer  subsystems were presented, which are main parts of an Integrated System for Control And Management of Exploitation of the Water Supply System. In this regard, there was presented a key model aspects that underpin the construction of subsystems, and it was discussed how the system works in the context of supporting selected tasks carried out by the technical staff of the analyzed company.

Grzegorz PERUŃ, Tadeusz OPASIAK
Pages : 75-80

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Most numerous elements in construction of belt conveyors are rollers. From theirs technical state depend the losses of energy among other things on overcome turn resistances of rollers rotation. With point of view of exploitation significant is correct technical state of rollers, which guarantee minimal costs of conveyor work. In the article are present results of preliminary studies, which have on aim non-invasive qualification of technical state of belt conveyor rollers after specified time of exploitation. The measurements of jacket’s vibrations of roller installed on laboratory stand were conducted. Next, registered vibration signals were processed. Authors make an assumption, that the comparison of analyses’ results for new and wear rollers, allow in next stages of studies determining of limit levels of vibroacoustics phenomena, which exceeding qualify roller to replacement.

Tadeusz OPASIAK, Grzegorz PERUŃ
Pages : 81-86

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Abstract (EN)
The article presents research related to the rollers construction modification from N-type into C type in the belt conveyor Gwarek 1200 type and the ensuing drop in power consumption measured in the drive unit. The study was conducted in a coal mine at 600 m level of depth. The study also included resistance measurements of static and dynamic rotating rollers in a laboratory stand own construction according to PN-M-46606 standard. The article also presents economic analysis of the C type rollers used instead of N type rollers and profitability analysis basing on 1 ton of coal transport.